The onion fields: Kenton marshes hold memories
January 04, 2012 1:00 AM
ADRIENNE MCGEE – 419-993-2072 (Lima News.Com)

KENTON — Max Hunsicker, now of Wapakoneta, was born in McGuffey.
His grandfather was wealthy, Hunsicker explained, but he lost his oil wealth in the Great Depression.
So the Hunsicker family did what many families did at that time — got down to whatever work they could find.
For them, that meant sharecropping on the marshes in Hardin County. His father, George, sharecropped a 40-acre farm,
and Hunsicker worked alongside the rest of his family in the fields from about age 7, he supposes.
He remembers the rows were about a foot wide, and he straddled the onion plants as he worked his way down the row.
The soil — muck, it was called — was well over 100 degrees.. . .